New Laptop

The Toshiba laptop I had for over 8 years finally died. I replaced it with Gigabyte P27K-CF2 17.3-Inch Laptop. This is advertised as a gaming laptop, but it makes a great laptop for developers as well. It has lots of memory for running multiple virtual machines at the same time and has lots of expansion as well. The screen is a HD screen and movies look great on it. Another nice thing is the laptop didn’t come loaded with bloatware, so I didn’t have to waste time uninstalling a lot of stuff.

JavaScript framework

I have been reviewing JavaScript frameworks. I have not been satisfied with the popular frameworks. I recently started looking at Durandal. It is based on Require.js so it is easy to create modules to organize your code. From what I have read, you do not have to start from a base durandal object. You just work with POJO (plain old javascript objects). That way you can also use your modules in non-durandal code as well. This is definitely a framework I am going to spend more time investigating.