Web vs Green Screen Development

Recently, I have been working on some projects requiring traditional green screen development. That is programs that run in telnet windows. In the past, they ran on actual terminals which had green screens which is where the name green screen came from when referencing telnet applications.

I realize how much I enjoy web development over the old style development. With web development, you can easily add fields to a screen and move data around without concerning yourself with the nitty-gritty details. It is much easier than working in a 80 character by 24 row screen. To move a field, you have to be concerned with making sure it will fit in the available space and, it seems like, moving one thing causes a ripple effect of updates to keep everything fitting on the screen. I realize some of these old systems that still use telnet windows have a lot of old data in them, but it really is time to hijack the front end of those systems and implement either web based or windows based data entry.

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