Cache Performance Monitoring

We are using Intersystems Cache database on one of the projects I am working on. We were concerned with how do we know if it is performing well. I went through the Cache Monitoring Guide in the documentation provided. It is impressive the number of tools and methods they have implemented to monitor the database. However, they never explain how to interpret the data provided. They have one statistic called “Cache Efficiency”. The description of it is “Number of all global references divided by the number of physical block reads and writes. Not a percentage.”. That is all. There is nothing about how to interpret the number, how to tell if it is good or bad. Nothing. We have 2 systems – production and development. The production server has a number of 480 and the development is 1128. How do those compare?

All I have to say is if you are going to document how to monitor the system, also give guidance on how to interpret the data provided so you can tell if you need to take action.

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