April TAP Meeting

I went to the April TAP meeting earlier this week. Floyd May and Jason Knight did a wonderful job with a TDD workshop. Most of the attendees had only read about TDD, but had not actually practiced it. This was an opportunity to get your hands dirty and actually code tests and meet them in the traditional red/green/refactor process.

For me, the catch has always been how to write the test. In the workshop, we were using Jasmine as the test engine. I realize now that the key is the end of the test where you write the EXPECT statement. The only code before that in the test should just setup the data and invoke a function. The EXPECT should then test a value in the data returned from the function to see if it returned the expected value (hence the name EXPECT). It really wasn’t very difficult. It is just getting into the habit of writing tests.

Kudos to Floyd and Jason for a great meeting.

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