Programming Katas

I have been doing some programming katas lately to help me learn more about unit testing. Kata is a term taken from martial arts where they would repeat a drill to perfect a technique. In programming, a kata is the same. It is some task that you repeat to learn how to do something better. I have been using to do my katas. That is a website that has been setup for this purpose. The advantage it provides is you don’t have to do all the setup to prepare for learning. It has about 25 languages and about 40 exercises you can choose from. It also has different unit testing packages available depending on which language you select. I have been using this to help learn about other languages as well as learn more about unit testing. I have found that I learn better by doing than just reading about things and cyber-dojo helps me do that. When I am also trying a new language for the first time, it does take more time to learn the testing tool as well as that language syntax, but that is the purpose of doing the katas. It does get quicker the more you do it.

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