Review of “Go in Action”

I just finished the book “Go in Action”. I had been considering using Go in a side project and jumped at the chance to read this book. Before reading this book, my exposure to Go had been a couple of blog posts and a Plural Sight video.

Reading this book really leveled up my knowledge of Go. I now have a foundation to build on and know where to begin in starting my project. This book was written clearly. I appreciated the examples in the book. They were non-trivial and avoided repeated “Hello World” examples. It also introduced the built-in Go tooling and how to effectively use it. It introduced the concepts needed so you can develop programs and modules that integrate with the system tools. This has helped me understand what the community expects of modules that I create that I want to release.

I really enjoyed this book. I feel it helped me move from just being curious about the language to being ready to start exploring and developing with it.

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