Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts for now. I am going to try and start posting regularly. I have added a calendar reminder to make sure I don’t get busy and forget.

I recently opened a Bitbucket account. I chose Bitbucket over Github because Bitbucket will give you private repos as part of the free plan. I have started integrating it with my daily workflow and it is easier and less intrusive than I thought. I also started using Source Tree, which is a free Git client from Atlassian. That may be why using Bitbucket has been so easy. Atlassian also has a set of Git tutorials that helped with the learning process.

I am still using Knockout.js for some work projects. I enjoy using it. The 2-way data binding really makes things simple to work with. One update that I made in 15 minutes would have taken about 2-3 hours if everything was coded by hand. The documentation has been helpful and anything I haven’t found in the documentation I have been able to figure out with help from Stack Overflow.

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