Some of the projects PSS has been involved in are:

  • Magento integration
    We have worked on providing integration between the back end system and the Magento shopping cart using the SOAP v2 API. Some of the integration points that have been implemented are inventory creation, price updating and order importing.
  • EDI ordering
    We developed a system to analyze product usage and generate purchase orders based on that activity. Then the purchase orders were placed with the distributer using EDI.
  • Pick Programmer’s Shop
    I was a Programming Consultant at Pick Programmer’s Shop. I have been involved in several MultiValue projects for them. I also developed the FundraiseIT website.
  • MicahTek
    I was the IT Development Manager at MicahTek. I oversaw all the new development that took place there. Those projects have included rewriting the call center application into a web-based system including customized scripting and information capture. Also, I have led and QC’ed the development of NET-View, the client reporting and data entry system.
  • Altruism Recorder
    AR is a system in development for small non-profits to record their support. This is currently in early stages of development. I intend to eventually release it as an open source project.

If we can be of assistance to you in similar projects, please contact us at matt at psslabs dot com.

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